Monday, February 23, 2009

Fundraiser Flyer Now Available!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Halfway Party Pics!

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Please visit this page to sponsor me in my run on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

GTS #11 Halfway Party!

Today was the halfway party for TEAM IN TRAINING. GOOO TEAM! Our training of course starts at Granville Island. It's great to see a lot of family and friends of runners out to support us. My wonderful boyfriend did in fact come out to support me, not only at a water station, but to run with me as well!

Graham, a fellow runner, shared with us his mission moment today that really inspired us all. Graham did a triathlon last year in honour of his friend's brother, Owen, who only had 2 months to live while he was training. Graham had a problem with his shoulder where he would dislocate it often (while swimming) and he had to teach himself how to swim with one arm. A week before the race, Graham had dislocated his shoulder again, so he was in a lot of pain during the event. However, he thought of Owen and pushed on. Graham finished the event and found out just 2 hours later, that Owen had succumbed to cancer. Graham had pushed on for Owen and Owen knows.

Our route today starts at Granville Island and goes along the seawall to Jericho Beach and back. My running buddy, Monique, is injured! :( She injured her knee while running during the ice and snow. She has perfect attendance! A reallll trooper :) I was really lonely during my run without her. I wish her a quick recovery!

Speaking of troopers, my boyfriend came out to run with me this week. Although his shins were killing him the first 3 km, he kept on going. He did really well considering he hasn't been training with us at all!!! The route today totaled a crazy 12km! Although last week's run was also 12km, today's was a looped around a different path. My finishing time? 1 hour and 33 mins....which actually was the EXACT same time as what I ran last week :)

The run was grueling and difficult but I kept thinking of all the people who are going through treatment and the ones that have completed it - how brave they were to go through something that difficult. I have to keep on going. I want to give everyone who's affected by cancer some hope. I will keep running for you. Whether you know me or ask me to or not, I will run for you.

After the run today, we celebrated our halfway party at Cat's Social House. A California Benny! Brunch was very yummy and I was able to take pictures with almost everyone! I'll post them up shortly after.

On a personal level, I don't see any real physical improvements for my body that I can notice. Although my endurance has gone up by a lot since I started running two months ago. Through the snow, wind, cold and rain, we all ran. I'm so proud of our group.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sorry haven't posted in a while

Sorry! I've been rather lazy about posting...but not lazy about running!

On Sunday, I missed our GTS #9 because I was coming down with the flu or something, so I decided to sleep in for a while. I woke up around 9:30 and went out for a run on my was sleeting snow! Instead of the 10k we were supposed to run, I only ran about 5k, then I came home to sleep for the rest of the day!

Chocolate sales are going excellent, thanks in part to Brad Clement! He bought almost ALL my chocolates and gave them to each and every employee at Pacific Bindery. In addition, my mom and sister have been awesome getting their co-workers and classmates to get chocolates as well. And my final batch was sold to Shannon Meagher from Kodiak Press. Thanks for remember guys!

I'm trying to organize a Fundraising Bowling Party, but haven't had time to organize it yet. Does anyone know where they will host a party for minimal or no cost? I'd like to get some Pizzas/Drinks donated and will for sure have a 50/50 draw! Door prizes can also be donated, please let me know if you or your company has a door prize to donate.

I did go for a run on Wednesday around my neighbourhood, I ran from my house to Joyce Station and back. That took approx 45 mins. I was hoping to find Bonnie, but I think she was at work.

I've been busy with work stuff all week, so I couldn't get in all my runs. Yesterday after work, I went with Viet to Fraserview Golf Course and did a mini run before we went home for dinner. It's quite a nice path, a soft, quick 3.8km path. Except the route where you go up Kerr from Marine Drive. That was quite steep and filled with roots and rocks, be careful if you go there!

In addition, February 15 at 8:30 am is our Halfway Party! Come run with us or wait at a Gatorade Station to cheer us on! Afterwards, we're going to be having brunch at Cat's Social House. If you would like to come, please send me a message! I'd love to see you there!

Finally, would like to thank my latest sponsors:
Shannon Meagher from Kodiak Press. Thanks for buying chocolates AND sponsoring me in my run! Keep reading my blog here for updates!
Selena Dong whom I haven't seen or heard from in AGES! Been meaning to find you online to thank you personally, but can never catch you online! But thank you!!!

Please visit this page to sponsor me in my run on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.