Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sun Run 2009

Wow, haven't posted in over two weeks, been lazy on my blogging again. Last week, it was pouring rain so I was lazy and didn't go for my long run, but I made it up during the week by running 3 out of 5 days.

I want to take a bit of time to introduce you to my honoured hero, Jessica. Jessica is 13 years old and was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) last year. This is the most common type of Leukemia in children. She bravely fought through rigorous treatment to conquer cancer and she is going through a great recovery right now. Jessica and her family wants to thank God for his blessing in helping Jessica go through a quick recovery. Every time when it's too hard to run, I think of Jessica and she helps me continue to run more.

I've been getting hyped up for today because it's the 25th Annual Vancouver Sun Run. This is my first time participating in the Sun Run, so I was pretty excited about being a part of such a huge event. The weather network all week called for rain, but we were very blessed because it didn't rain a drop!

I packed light so I didn't have to use gear check. I felt really good on the 10k run today. I think I finished just over 1hr15min which is a pretty good time! Viet was running with me the whole time, though at times I had to stop and wait or run back a bit just to make sure I don't lose him.

After the run, there was an expo inside BC Place with free food!! I had two cups of yogurt, two halves of a banana, a box of apple juice, a cup of orange juice, a cup of pineapple juice and one bagel...Now that I have that typed up, that's quite a bit of food I chowed down. Hey! I was tired! and starving!

After failing to find people we know, Viet and I walked over to Gerry and Jo-Ann's place to see the wonderful view before they move to their new place on May 1st. Jack was barking like crazy every time a new person came through the door, but you can tell he's a good boy :)

Going home after the run, I showered and took a nap for an hour before the Canucks game.

Canucks game 3 vs. St. Louis Blues. We kicked butt! 3-2 was the final. Our powerplay AND penalty kill is really kicking it up. Game 4 on Tuesday!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My First Half Marathon!

Sunday April 5, 2009. The date of my first half marathon.

I woke up today feeling better than I did most weeks because I knew in my head we were running a half marathon today. Bonnie's at work this week, so I headed out to Granville Island alone. I saw Sarah on the way and I waved at her...she's much faster than I am now, so we can't take the same ride.

Luckily this week, there were no sun runners hogging up all the parking spot. Last week was almost impossible to find parking. I also got a great surprise this week, my running buddy, Monique is back!!! Back and Better than Before! Her knee is completely healed and she's ready to run the full way.

This week, Mike says we're still only doing 18km. But Sarah, Laura, AND Monique won't be here next week and that's when we're supposed to run the 21km, so we decided as a group to run the 21km this week. The run started out very well, I felt good for the entire first half up to 9km. Then when we got up the hill to UBC's Museum of Anthropologie, my legs started burning really bad. Monique and I decided to walk up that hill mostly. It was only an extra 1.5km, but it sure felt a lot longer. We ran back down and passed Jericho. At about 16km point, my body really started wheezing and yelling at me to slow down. Monique was feeling it too, so we took it a bit easier for the last 5km.

We made it back! At a horrendous time though, because we got back at about the 3 hour mark, which is QUITE long for a half marathon, but I'm sure I can get better next week. It's like a weekly ritual now, Mike and Amy always brings bananas at the finish line and it tastes GREAT! Since I took so long to finish my run, I had to leave because parking at Granville Island is only for 3 hours. Great job team! We'll do it again next week!

On a side note, I've had some pain on my left foot from the outside of my pinky toe to about halfway up my calf, anyone know what that is?

My fundraising is almost complete! I'm only less than $300 away! Thank you to all my sponsors!

Natalia Gilewicz hey Nat! I'll always be your favourite TA right? :) I miss you! Hope you're doing well, update me on GCM soon! :)
Katannya Yee heya Kat, it's ok that you couldn't make it out to the bowling night, thanks for donating. We need to meet up sometime soon and catch up! Call me up!