Monday, January 26, 2009

OH NO! Scary GTS #8

Whooaa what a crazy day!

So we ran 10km yesterday according to Coach Mike, but Bonnie has told me that when she mapped it out, we actually ran 11.5km :) No wonder I'm in pain today.

Yesterday's weather was awesome, a bit chilly in the morning but when we started running, it was actually quite nice. The fog that was covering the city last week seems to be gone for now. It was a bright beautiful day, but I felt very tired as if I didn't get enough sleep, and honestly, I probably didn't.

On Saturday, Viet came over to play Playground on the Wii with Julian and I. It was really fun playing dodgeball, but we got carried away and played until 12am. During the GTS, not only was I tired, but my arm was very very sore.

Our route on Sunday started at Granville Island, we ran Eastbound towards Science World, then around the other side at False Creek, stopping at Edgewater Casino for a washroom break, then ran to English Bay where the Inukshuk was. After a quick Gatorade Break with Amy, we headed across the Burrard St. Bridge, along W. 1st to end up back at Granville Island...


Right before we were back at the starting point, we heard a LOUD THUD and I looked up quick enough to see a girl go up and down very quickly. SOMEONE GOT HIT! It was very scary. She was still conscious but she was in a lot of pain. The car that hit her had broken the headlight of the car. Within minutes, the Firetrucks, Policemen and Ambulance all arrive. She was hit at the crosswalk. The car didn't stop. She didn't see it. It also looked like she had her iPod on.


After that scare, we all headed to the coffee shop for our weekly drinks. Poor Bonnie hasn't slept in 14 hours, so I drove her home.

Today, I'm very sore, once again. My arm cannot reach back and my foot sort of hurts today. I remember Laura saying that my foot is hurting and I have shin splints again probably because my shoes are not good for me. So today, I spent a few moments looking up Orthopoedic Shoes/Insoles. Seems like Industrial Alliance covers both up to $300, but I need a doctor's note.
Sometime this week, I will be visiting Kintec Footlabs, hopefully it won't cost more than $300.

Please visit this page to sponsor me in my run on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

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